Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Give me some time please

I am little bit busy , so please give me sometime ,

meanwhile , I have to say that,
 I am fond of food that does not contain carbohydrates,
 as they are the main cause of cumulative fat in our bodies,

If you want an ideal weight , try your best to avoid :

Bread (all types),
Rice (all colors),

That does not mean you don’t trick yourself sometimes,
and take a bite of it, but don’t make it a big one..

Another type of food you your freedom to eat any amount of it , but don’t overload .. That friendly food all vegetables and all types of meat, regardless how they are prepared ..
It is advisable to avoid carrots,potatoes and sweet fruits ..

Side tip : it is best , if you use olive oil only in your cooking

See you in the next tip

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