Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tips about eating habits

In a tip yesterday, I mentioned avoiding carbohydrates, and I said they make you look like somebody you don’t like .. 
To day I want to tell you a fact, that is , I am not a doctor , but talking like one , so , believe me like one ..
Also , I’ll be adding 2 good tips :
First one is about carbohydrates & non carbohydrates, where your body simply turns the first into calories for supply  energy as your daily needs, and stores the extras as fat or as you don’t like (extra size) , the second one , that is, non carbohydrates, are digested in a different way , as they contain protein mainly with fewer calories, to complete their digestion , they need to borrow calories from your stored fat, meaning , the lesser carbohydrates you eat the more fat you loose ..
Second tip, is about sweets & fruits , those are too quick to digest, so they a clear way to get out, so , eat them first, because if you eat them after the rest of the food, they’ll be blocked to go, causing disturbance to the whole digestion operation .. 

I’ll comeback here to add ..

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