Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hi everybody

I am starting this blog, for many things in my mind,first of all to see you , as we might be friends so that, neither of us will be alone in this stormy life , then it’s good 4 all of us to exchange ideas & experience .
  distance, education and race wouldnt be a big factore to make it defficult to do so , even language cant be a problem at most.
 I lived more than 20 years cooking for myself all types of dishes from all over the world that I happened to  know , so , I decided to share my experience any body that is interested in cooking or , at least, how the the food he eats is prepared..
This blog is now intended to be a recipe blog, mostly my own recipes .. Always , your comments, and suggestions are most welcomed , along with questions..
You are welcome to my blog any way ,, looking 4 seeing most of you soon

bye 4 now